Welcome to the Orchard Day Nursery Family !

Every child has a voice and will be heard at the ODN. All practitioners work together, sharing their individual knowledge and experiences not only with each other but with the children and parents and we celebrate our successes together.

All of us are passionate about child care and providing an environment and atmosphere where the children can thrive, staff can progress and further develop their expertise, and where parents can feel respected and included.

All our practitioners are enhanced DBS checked before commencing work at the ODN and qualified from a level 2 – level 7. They are mostly all first aid and paediatric trained which includes training in using an EpiPen if the need every was to arise.

We have practitioners from all walks of life, which aids us to learn more about different cultures, celebrations and festivals from around the world. We follow British Values in our day-day activities and encourage the children to be kind, respectful and to help each other.



Meet Our Team:



Hello my name is Seemi. I am the deputy manager of the ODN

I am the proud mother of a handsome boy and I have been in the teaching field since 1992. Working with children is my passion and children usually flock to me and I build good relationships with parents.

For 2 years I was a software engineer but realised that working with children was my passion.

I am a very creative person who loves singing, especially rhymes. I also like to look up fresh new ideas for the children to participate in.





Hello my name is Hollie.

I am a happy-go-lucky girl who enjoys singing, dancing and dressing up with the children for different festivals/celebrations.

I am also a BIG fan of decorating the nursery when celebrating the different festivals, e.g. Christmas, Valentines day, St Patrick’s Day and Easter.

Being creative is my passion:

,,The creative mind works in unique ways”-Kim Butler



Early Years Practitioner

Hello my name is Dwayne.

I have worked in childcare for over a decade and still get a real sense of achievement, from playing a role in helping the young children in my care and their families have the best possible experience.My hobbies are working out at the gym and property investing.My favourite childhood book was Stig of the dump.I’m passionate about helping children achieve their full potential.

,,A good education can change anyone.

A good teacher can change everything”



Early Years Practitioner

Hello my name is Razvana (Riz for short)

I am an inspiring teacher, preferably in the Early Years. I feel that every child is their own learner and they cognitively grow at their own pace.In order for children to successfully learn I feel that their well-being should be at a positive level.I have recently completed a Masters degree (level 7) in early childhood studies which has provided much information, especially in how children are able to learn through play and critical thinking.

I’m passionate in providing the love and care to each and every child.



Nursery Nurse/Safeguarding Lead

I’m passionate about my work because i love what i do .



Preschool Room Leader

I have been working in childcare for 4 years and I have enjoyed every moment.They say ‘children should be seen and not heard’, but the voice of the child tells you a lot more!

Teaching Preschool is my super power 🙂



Early Years practitioner

Hi my name is Ugo.

I am a purple belt karate student. I have jumped out of a plane for charity and I am an inspiring teacher.I believe in giving children a voice and the opportunity to express and expand their imagination.I am an early years advocate, who believes in children’s rights and a lover of Arsenal F.C!

Every Child Matters ………….



Early Years practitioner

Hi my name is Paige.

I work in the 2-3’s room.In my spare time I love to do aerial and gymnastics.I chose to work with childcare to make a difference.My favourite story to read in the 2-3’s is ‘the hungry caterpillar’.I have always been passionate about working with children. I work with 2-3s and i love to make a difference to their development.

Every child is an artist  ……



Early Years Practitioner

In my spare time I enjoy going to the gym and learning new skills.I chose to work in childcare to help children to thrive and reach their full potential.My favourite book is ‘we’re going on a bear hunt’ as I like to encourage the children to have a voice whilst reading it!

Chasing toddlers is my cardio 🙂



Early Years Practitioner

I am a mature early years  practitioner with years of experience in working with children and their families.

I am a good communicator and a good listener who loves to give positive feedback in regard to the children in my care.In my spare time I like to keep up to date on childcare issues through reading.

Passionate about children an families




Hi my name is Santiago (but everyone calls me Santi)

As the chef at the ODN I enjoy cooking for the children/parents and staff team.

All the meals are freshly prepared and cooked on site. I ensure they are balanced, multi-cultural and nutritious!


My name is Debbie and I enjoy working with the under 2’s children. Most of the activities carried out with the babies involve malleable materials, e.g. pasta, rice and corn flour to name but a few! I thoroughly enjoy getting messy with the children as we develop their senses.